Antonio Hasankhani has the ability to discover entities, including demonic spirits, ghosts, unwanted ghosts, unwanted spirits, UFOs, and a number of other things. This is done without physically being there.

Dr. DJ Rapp has 25 years of studying and learning different aspects involving this unknown realm, adapting his classic paranormal investigation techniques to the metaphysical and spiritual teachings from his partner Dr. Antonio Hasankhani. Currently he does not use scientific equipment unless deemed necessary. He handles all interviewing and after care to each individual case.

Anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

The Demon Doctors have helped many people with unknown spirits and demons. The doctors have been to places where people have hired others just to find out that all they had done was upset the spirits or demons, collected money and went on their way.

We do full removal of any unwanted spirits, entities, demonic beings, ghosts, UFO violations and generational curses. We do this worldwide 24 hours a day. We do not claim to be medical doctors, psychics, mediums, demonologists or shamans. We do what we do in his name our heavenly father, divine.

Some people pick this up as a victim of circumstance, but most welcome it in their home by messing with something they can’t physically touch. Our advice is to stay away from the dark side. We all have intuition or sensitivity to these spirits, but don’t know how to use it or are taught to use it. Our suggestion would be not to focus or talk to anything that not of a human spirit. We have seen a drastic rise in the number of cases since the beginning of 2012.

The Demon Doctors do not judge, but if people don’t listen this does not work. For example, if you’re doing what are called cleansings in a home and don’t know what you are dealing with, it does not work. It puts you, your team or client in jeopardy. No tools are used in what we do.

We also provide after care, which is extremely important, and we spend many hours helping you after the removal is done at no charge. What is removed can’t come back, unlike the words we don’t use as Exorcism or Deliverance.

The Demon Doctors do not like to see people taken advantage of, especially when it is something this serious!

The Demon Doctors have set out to help others the right way, the first time, FREE! They help many families who have nowhere else to turn.

The Demon Doctors have a very long history of vanquishing the unwanted!

The Demon Doctors have never failed in helping a family or person in their time of need.

The Demon Doctors have faced many demons and spirits where others have failed!

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